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Matrix Service Engineering Procurement & Construction

Industrial Cleaning

Matrix Service offers complete hydroblasting, hydrocutting, chemical cleaning, products tank cleaning, vacuum truck and exchanger bundle cleaning services. Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment rated for the most stringent industrial applications make Matrix Service North America’s top-rated industrial cleaning services provider.

We specialize in abrasive water jet cutting, tank, vessel, and tower cleaning and degassing, as well as industrial vacuuming for wet or dry applications. In addition, our professional technicians provide sludge removal, coal and fly ash removal, condenser cleaning, and sulfuric acid tank cleaning for the power industry.

hydroblasting capabilities
gallon vacuum transport
shell side bundle cleaning capabilities
tube side bundle cleaning capabilities


  • Up to 40K
  • Ultra high pressure
  • Automated hands free
  • Hydro cutting
  • Hydro excavation



  • Liquid air moving/liquid ring
  • Hydro excavation


Tank cleaning
Non-entry robotic/computer technology

Total tank fluidization of heavy residual:

  • Ambient temp
  • Full tank circulation mechanical system
  • HazGuard™ chemical additive
  • Return product direct to production



  • Total plant management
  • World class separation technology

Advanced chemical cleaning reactive chemistry

  • Boiler cleaning
  • Water scale
  • Inorganic removal
  • Mill scale removal



  • HazGuard™ chemical technology
  • Vapor phase
  • Turbulent circulation
  • LEL free
  • Clear for entry
  • Surfactant free



  • Pre operational service and engineering
  • Fabrication facilities
  • Debris removal and passivation
  • Steam blow – FastFroth™
  • Lube oil filter services
  • Gas Systems

Reactive chemical cleaning services

  • Scale removal from process surfaces
  • Neutralization of reactive products
  • Passivation of metal surfaces
  • Conditioning of systems for operation
  • Specialty focus on heat transfer restoration, polythionic acid neutralization, and butadiene plant P&P

Decontamination services

  • LEL and aromatics reduction and elimination
  • Vapor phase and circulation processes for hydrocarbon removal
  • Full unit decontamination capability
  • H2S and pyrophoric scale mitigation
  • Precision monitoring of decontamination processes
  • Drain headers, condensers and seperators provided
  • Specialty focus on alkylation units, flare header systems, and olefins decontamination

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