Terminal Expansion Triumph in Texas

In July 2018, we brought to completion a project involving Vopak and its Vopak Terminal Deer Park (VTDP) facility in Deer Park, Texas. By utilizing land available within the current terminal boundaries to add storage capacity and provide additional flexibility for loading and unloading, we integrated new storage tanks, loading lanes and more into the existing facility.

The project details include ten storage tanks, seven product loading pumps, a power distribution center including all associated electrical and instrumentation work, four truck loading lanes with truck weigh scales, as well as a new pipe rack to carry all associated piping. In addition,  we partnered with Wink Engineering for balance of plant engineering, as well as our sister company Matrix PDM for above ground storage tank engineering.

Whether it’s EPC contracts for LNG terminals, terminal construction, the need for low-temperature tank construction or executing expansions such as this, we are structured for service.