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The flexibility factor Operational Excellence

The Flexibility Factor

March 7, 2019

Frank Capristo, Matrix Service Inc., USA, discusses how a collaborative, integrated approach to maintenance can help oil, gas, and chemical... Read More...

BIC Magazine Fueling the Future

Fueling the future

October 5, 2017

World-class EPC and partnership approach helps small scale LNG and natural gas companies achieve big objectives. Read more below or... Read More...

From Recovery to Remelting World Fertilizer Magazine Matrix Service

From Recovery to Remelting

September 1, 2017

Mark Gilbreath, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, outlines infrastructure considerations for global dry sulfur logistics.   Read more below or download the... Read More...

Then and Now Ammonia Fertilizer Plants

Then and Now

June 15, 2017

Bob Watson and Mark Mcgahey, Matrix PDM Engineering USA outline how the design and development of ammonia fertilizer plants have... Read More...

Standard Practice LNG Storage Tank Systems

Standard Practice

June 15, 2017

Rama Challa, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, offers an introduction to LNG storage tank systems with reference to API 625. Read... Read More...

Fit for Service Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Fit for Service

March 9, 2017

Rama Challa, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, presents a lifecycle assessment process for large cryogenic storage tanks. Read more below or... Read More...

Seismic Effects on ASTs

Seismic Effects on ASTs

March 9, 2017

Rama Challa Ph.D. P.E, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, discusses the effects of recent earthquakes on atmospheric storage tanks (ASTs) in... Read More...

BIC Magazine One Team, One Mission Matrix Service

One Team, One Mission

January 10, 2016

Matrix Speaks on their work at the Shell Deer Park Refinery. Read more below or download the PDF here. Everything... Read More...