Matrix Service Apprenticeship Program

Matrix Apprenticeship Program

Matrix Service is looking for entry-level or new apprentices to join our Apprenticeship Program. As a member, you will take courses in both classroom and shop settings, taught by industry veterans and geared toward your desired trade. Along the way, you will earn NCCR certification in addition to raises roughly every six months.

Participants will specialize in one of three trades:
• Boilermaker – Level 1 instruction includes an introduction to equipment training, welding safety, drawings, & identifying/installing valves.
• Carpenter – Start your journey into professional carpentry with instruction in hand & power tools, measuring, building materials, construction drawing, & basic layout.
• Pipefitter – Major topics covered during initial sessions include hand & power tools, pipe systems, drawings, & oxy fuel cutting.

The program will include a minimum of 147.5 hours/year of classroom and shop instruction, amounting to 445 or 581 hours for a three- and four-year program, respectively. At the program’s conclusion you will journey out, equipped with the skills and certifications necessary to further your career.


Matrix offers courses in:

Bellingham, WA

Orange, CA

Houston, TX

Catoosa, OK

Interested in signing up or learning more? Contact us.

For more information

Blair Wilson
Apprenticeship Manager
B 360 685 2000
D 360 685 2066
C 360 815 6880