A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Matrix Service Company, we believe that we are better together. That’s why diversity and inclusion are foundational to our core values.

“Creating an environment that truly values the differences we each bring to the table isn’t just the right thing to do,” said Matrix Service Company President and CEO John R. Hewitt. “It fuels ideas and innovation, enriches our individual and collective experiences, and drives our success. We are committed to ensuring our workplace is one where employees can openly address challenges, present opportunities, and share perspectives.”

The company has been recognized for its efforts, as a Great Place to Work-Certified organization, as a Family Positive Workplace, and as a 2019 Mosaic Top Inclusive Workplace.

Last October, Hewitt took Matrix Service Company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion a step further when he signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ pledge to advance inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It’s composed of more than 800 CEOs representing industries including retail, aerospace, engineering and construction, technology, and manufacturing. The coalition represents 85 industries, all 50 US States, and millions of employees globally.

The pledge formally commits Matrix Service Company and its subsidiaries to:

  • Cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are valued
  • Expand education about unconscious bias
  • Learn from and share best practices and
  • Engage the company’s Board of Directors in the development and implementation of strategic action plans that drive accountability around inclusion and diversity

What is Diversity and Inclusion?

At Matrix Service Company, building a culture of diversity and inclusion means ensuring equality, regardless of ability, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. But it is more than that, too. At Matrix, diversity and inclusion are the power we generate when we value each other’s differences and encourage everyone’s voice to be heard.

Being the best means having the best people. We understand that, in an always-changing business environment, it is our talented and engaged workforce that drives our success. And it is the “blending of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives” within our organization that creates our most important and sustainable advantage. It makes us stronger and more able to meet the challenges of the day.

  • Studies show that the most diverse organizations outperform their competitors by up to 35%.
  • Employees at inclusive organizations have better average attendance and are more engaged at work.
  • Diverse teams outperform their peers by 80%.
  • Employees whose organizations are committed to diversity and inclusion report greater innovation, responsiveness to customers and team collaboration.

How is Matrix Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion?

Matrix Service Company is actively embedding diversity and inclusion into every level of our organization. This effort includes:

  • Forming an Inclusion and Diversity committee comprised of leaders and employees from across the company
  • Company-wide training focused on inclusive practices and unconscious bias
  • Evaluating recruiting and employment practices to ensure we are attracting and engaging an increasingly diverse workforce
  • Reviewing operational practices to encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to advocate for diversity

Diversity and Inclusion in Action

The Technical AST Training offered by Matrix PDM Engineering is often a standing-room-only affair. For PDM Chief Engineer David Redman, who often leads the training, that can be a challenge.

Redman was diagnosed with 50% hearing loss at age three. In large group settings, it is often impossible for him to understand participants’ questions, especially if he isn’t facing the person asking, or if the question is coming from the back of the room. Enter his colleague, Director of AST and Specialty Vessels, Rama Challa.

“Rama and I discussed how to address the situation when I’m speaking, and together we decided that he would take the lead when questions were asked,” said Redman. “It’s been a great collaboration that has allowed both of us to support the questions with strong answers.”

Audiences agree.

The camaraderie was awesome,” said Christian Chicas, a Matrix Service Company Paralegal, who recently attended the training. “I noticed when someone would ask a question, without skipping a beat, Rama would stand and volunteer to answer. He would even restate the question being asked, which benefited David and the audience.”

“Even though the audience may not know exactly why this happens, they certainly see the teamwork between me and Rama,” said Redman, “I’ve had participants approach me after a session to share how impressed they are with the synergy between us during the presentations, and how much they appreciate the knowledge we both bring.”

A Continuing Commitment

“Inclusion and diversity have always been reflected in our Company’s core values. John’s pledge to the CEO Action initiative formalizes our commitment even further,” said Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Nancy Austin. “There is much work to be done, but we are committed to building an inclusive workplace where our people feel safe and empowered, and where – together – we benefit from diverse talents and expertise of our people.”

Watch this short video to learn more about our core values. Contact us today to discover how we can work together to make our workplaces and job sites more inclusive.