Creating a Culture of Safety

Safety is a top priority for all Matrix Service Company employees. Wherever our day takes us, we must protect ourselves, those around us, our facilities and our environment. We believe that safety begins with personal responsibility. Moving outward, our habits and practices influence our core values and in turn help create our company culture. From there, our influence broadens even further as we become a leader in our industry and community.
Let’s take a look at how we can leverage these different spheres of influence to create a culture of safety.

Safety Starts with Personal Responsibility
We believe that all accidents are preventable. When we hold ourselves accountable for our personal safety and the safety of others, we take ownership of our own actions and our surroundings. With this autonomy, we can evaluate our own habits and work areas. Personal responsibility means we look for hazards and help identify the solution before an incident occurs. It also means we are responsible for speaking up and voicing concern if the situation warrants our attention.

Core Values Guide Organizational Culture
When individuals internalize these concepts and put them into practice, it grows to become something bigger. At Matrix Service, we call these concepts our core values. Safety and integrity are more than words that shape our behavior, they also represent who we are as a company. Our Eliminate Accidents/ Zero Incidents safety program is one way we can demonstrate our commitment to our core values. Our work is not complete until we can report zero incidents at every one of our offices, job sites and facilities.

Leading Continuous Improvement in the Industries We Serve
We hope we can help improve safety across all of the industries we serve through our leadership in the community. As a leading EPC contractor, we have the opportunity to work on job sites with many outside organizations. We strive to lead by example.

Another way we are helping make a positive impact is through the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). This important program is run by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). VPP helps develop models of excellence and also influences worksite practices industry-wide.

Additionally, it recognizes organizations that demonstrate exemplary achievement in occupational safety. Our Catoosa fabrication facility was on of the only two heavy metal fabrication facilities in the United States to have achieved VPP Star status.

Safety is Our Top Priority at Matrix Service Company
As you can see, safety is more than metrics and numbers. Safe work practices must start with each one of us. Through accountability, leadership and continuous improvement, we can all contribute to a culture of safety.