How to Maximize Your Value with Matrix Service as an EPC Contractor

A critical infrastructure project requires a large capital investment. As an owner/operator, you want to ensure that your asset will operate as promised. The project costs are a significant portion of the overall expense required to build or acquire an asset. Consequently, it’s also important to maximize your investment in the construction process.

Choosing a strong Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor can pay off in the short-term with a successful project that stays on time and on budget. Long-term, an efficient design will produce an asset that operates smoothly with only the required maintenance and scheduled downtime.

An EPC or “turnkey” contractor can take your project from Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to commissioning. There are many advantages to planning and executing your project with an EPC contractor.

Let’s take a look at how you can maximize your value with EPC services.

EPC Contractors Bring Experience & Expertise to Your Project
First, an EPC contractor offers industry expertise. Building infrastructure like cryogenic recovery plants or storage tanks requires special knowledge and insight. A contractor with years of industry experience adds value to your project with the wisdom and institutional knowledge that can only come through experience.

Whether you prefer your project to be construction-led or engineering-led, together, Matrix Service and its sister subsidiary, Matrix PDM Engineering, offer the engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction expertise you need. An EPC contractor with these diverse service capabilities means each specialized team is working in their area of expertise. With industry experts on each element of your project, you can be confident your project is meeting industry regulations and following best practices.

EPC Contractors Help Maximize Your Project Schedule
Time is money in fast-moving industries like energy. An EPC contractor helps maximize your project schedule. Effective communication helps organize your project quickly and prevents delays. Early in the design process, daily interaction between engineering, procurement and construction teams can help proactively identify issues, before design re-work is needed or before project construction begins.

At Matrix, different work groups share the same building at many of our locations in North America. Collaboration is easier when you can simply walk down the hall to meet with different departments. Choosing to work with one EPC contractor instead of hiring multiple outside contractors will also save time and headache. Multiple contractors will have competing schedules that can create delays as they wait for people or equipment on other projects to become available. When you engage an EPC contractor, like Matrix, everyone is focused on the same goal. Managers can prioritize resources appropriately to keep your project on schedule and make changes quickly if needed.

Maximize Your Investment with an EPC Contractor
Finally, an EPC contractor can help maximize your financial investment. Adequate planning and top-notch engineering, estimating and procurement efforts will pay dividends in your project costs and the overall outcome of your project. When the right people are supported by proven processes, you can expect a higher standard of work.
Managing risk is another benefit an EPC contractor brings to the table. The EPC contract shifts risk from the client to the contractor. With Matrix, your project has the financial strength of our parent company behind you. Small, specialty vendors or service providers are particularly susceptible to insolvency during economic downturns which could mean long delays if they are unable to deliver on their products or services as promised.
In any complex project, issues will need to be addressed and changes will need to be made. Turnkey contractors provide a single point of responsibility. Clients can quickly communicate change orders without tracking down multiple vendors. At Matrix, we stand behind our reputation and the quality of our work. We will make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Working with a single entity also creates greater budgetary controls. Typically, an EPC contractor and client will come to contracting terms before work begins. The more contractors that are involved in a project, the more opportunities to go over budget. A firm with experience in estimation and procurement will help avoid any budget surprises.

The Value of an EPC Contractor
There are many options to plan and execute your project. Utilizing an EPC contractor is an investment in your asset, the construction process and your organization. When you choose to work with us, you can have confidence that your project will be completed at the highest standard.
For more than 35 years, clients have trusted us to manage their toughest jobs. We have the talent, resources and capabilities to complete your critical infrastructure project on time and on budget. Two-thirds of our business comes from repeat customers because of our commitment to safety, integrity and quality. Put our standard to the test and call Matrix today.