How We Keep Business Moving as a Top EPC Contractor

At Matrix Service, safety, budget and scheduling are key areas of focus for us as an EPC contractor. And with more than 34 years of experience, we know a thing or two about engineering, procurement and construction. We also know how to keep business moving when clients take advantage of our expertise. That’s exactly what we accomplished when Chevron Products company wanted to demolish a 2-lane top loading truck loading facility and replace it with a bottom loading truck loading facility.

This project was completed with the facility in full capacity operation for the duration of the project. While in the conversion, a new motor control center building for the entire facility was installed along with a vapor combustion unit to process vapors from the trucks during loading. While there were a few planned outages required to complete the project, no unplanned outages were necessary.

In addition to construction, we provided constructability reviews during the detailed design in order to ensure the design of a new facility that could be built in a safe manner with the old unit operating one lane at a time. Finally, we provided construction services and management of all contractors for the project after design completion. In line with our aforementioned areas of focus, this project was completed three weeks ahead of schedule and under budget.