Importance of Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace

Innovation is increasingly important for organizations both large and small. To keep pace with our rapidly changing world, we must find better solutions, rise to meet new challenges and anticipate the needs of our customers. One of the best ways to foster innovation is through inclusion and diversity.

When we appreciate different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives in the workplace, we open the door to new ideas. At Matrix Service Company, we believe inclusion and diversity must be intentional.

These efforts can start with small, simple acts in the workplace. We can encourage everyone to have a voice. When we engage with our coworkers, we can appreciate our differences and build on common ground. Often the very act of drawing our attention to different perspectives and experiences can fuel personal growth.

It’s also important that inclusion and diversity permeate the culture of our workplaces.
Company leaders can model what this looks like through their own behavior and also can create opportunities for training and education. For example, our President and CEO, John R. Hewitt, demonstrated his commitment to this important idea by signing the CEO Action Diversity & Inclusion pledge.

Meanwhile, other leaders within the company formed an Inclusion and Diversity Committee. This group of thought leaders will help develop a training program that will focus on inclusive practices and unconscious bias in the work environment. They will also work to ensure that Matrix continues to attract and engage an increasingly diverse workforce.

Not only is this the right thing to do, but these practices have proven to provide measurable benefits. Recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates builds a more qualified workforce. Positive, inclusive work environments produce greater employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. When we remain committed to these ideals, we create a better workforce and a better workplace.

At Matrix, we strive to demonstrate our core values in everything we do. Contact us today to learn more about how we are leading our industry in these efforts or how our values align with our project capabilities. Put our standard to the test.