Journey to Zero: Setting the Standard for Workplace Safety

At Matrix Service Company, we strive to set the standard for workplace safety. This is evident through our culture of continuous improvement. We are not content to meet industry averages. Our Eliminate Accidents/Zero Incidents safety program sets the bar at zero. We won’t rest until we can report zero incidents at our offices, facilities and job sites.

To demonstrate our commitment to safety, we were invited to apply for the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). The Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) runs this distinguished program. We submitted an extensive application and our Catoosa fabrication facility participated in a rigorous evaluation process. Applicants are assessed against performance-based criteria designed to improve safety and minimize workplace hazards.

Our organization was awarded with star status, the highest designation given by OSHA. This honor is given to employers and employees who demonstrate exemplary achievement in their development of occupational safety and control of health hazards. It also recognizes the organization’s efforts for continuous improvement in their Human Safety and Environmental (HSE) management systems.

Since the creation of the VPP program in 1982, the program has shown remarkable improvements in workplace safety. The average VPP program participant is 52 percent below the industry average for Days Away Restricted or Transferred (DART), an important marker of program success. Participants become ambassadors for workplace safety, pioneering best practices for their industry peers.

Most importantly, programs like VPP provide additional accountability for our HSE programs. They help us set the bar higher each year, each quarter, each day. Safety and integrity are two of our core values. Programs like this one give us the metrics to demonstrate that commitment and the data to keep improving.