Total EPC Contractor Capabilities: How Matrix Service is Prepared to Meet the Toughest Challenges

Our comprehensive EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) firm provides solutions in the energy and industrial markets for many well-recognized businesses around the world.
With our commitment to excellence, we ensure our core values — including safety, integrity and stewardship, align with every EPC contract we sign, as each EPC project has distinct industry requirements based on infrastructure, environment and geographic location.

What is Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Anyway?
EPC agreements outline the details of a project design, the procurement plan for all the required equipment and materials and the construction of a functioning facility or asset to the owner or end-user.

How Does the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Process Work at Matrix Service?

At Matrix Service, we offer a full spectrum of services designed to develop, execute and deliver projects with operational excellence from concept to completion and across the life of an asset. Because of our uncompromising commitment to success, each project begins by providing a structured framework for our clients that establishes a common understanding of the project objectives.

Before a contract is awarded, we work with our clients to understand their company culture and determine their expectations. Then, we host an alignment session to develop a purpose statement, identify key result areas, clarify roles and responsibilities and define goals. From day one, we identify improvement strategies, develop and execute a value creation plan, and measure our results. At the completion of the project, we review key results, obtain feedback, and share learned lessons to continue improving our services.

Hiring our firm provides you with a fully integrated design-build team committed to delivering real-time design and development input to ensure affordable solutions, plus a dedicated project management team who works to mitigate risks and create cost savings throughout each phase. Additionally, we streamline our preparation for construction by integrating design packaging and submittals with the construction sequence and we avoid disruptions to operations activities.

What Services Does Matrix Service Offer?
Because we serve companies across a broad range of industry sectors, we know the importance of providing a collaborative approach, industry-specific knowledge and a comprehensive skill set that allow us to guide our clients in confidently responding to industry trends and market expectations.

While we do service existing tanks and terminals, we also use our expertise to build all types of terminals and storage facilities for crude oil, LNG, NGLs including: butane, propane, ethane, ethylene, etc. Our terminal turnkey expertise includes terminal construction, fabrication, site work, piping and manifolds, electrical, foundations, storage tanks, fire protections, coatings and structural steel as well as FEL, FEED and detailed design engineered equipment through Matrix PDM Egineering. We also have extensive experience in upgrading, expanding and completing retrofits at terminals and storage facilities and are proud that many of these projects have been completed while the facilities are in full operation, with minimal interruption to standard workflow.

Matrix Service Projects by Market
Our expertise stretches across more than a dozen markets, from mining and minerals to aerospace. All our projects are backed by our commitment to quality and have helped us receive double recognition on the Forbes’ Most Trustworthy Companies list, particularly for our bulk terminal, natural gas and power services.

Bulk Terminals and Construction
We design and construct facilities to handle all types of tanks in the oil and gas industry. Together, we work with you to assess material flowability characteristics, measure logistical constraints for site selection and ultimately commission your facility.

Our bulk terminal services through Matrix PDM engineering include site feasibility studies, front end engineering and design (FEED), tank design and supply, turnkey EPC project delivery, vessel design and specification, construction field service management, 3D plant design, concrete storage silo design and construction, and structural assessments.
There are many options in the engineering, procurement and construction industry, but our decades-long approach has always been to deliver the best by providing premium skilled labor, on-budget projects and an unwavering commitment to safety — that’s just our standard.