What You Need in an EPC Contractor for Terminal Construction and Above Ground Storage

Identifying the right partner among top EPC companies in the oil and gas sector is no easy endeavor. If you’re in the market to hire an EPC contractor, you need a provider who knows safety and quality, and you need their knowledge and expertise in every phase of engineering, procurement and construction. When it comes to your goals with an EPC contract, it’s essential your new facility, whether it’s an LNG terminal, LPG terminal, NGL terminal or another type of terminal or aboveground storage tank, is delivered on schedule and on budget.

At Matrix Service, we understand what it takes to deliver when it comes to EPC projects, large or small. Our expertise in storage and full terminals, whether specific to API 650 tanks for crude oil or API 620 vessels for cryogenic storage applications, is recognized industry-wide.

And with 35 years of operational excellence, we are known for delivering EPC services with an uncompromising focus on safety and quality.

Continue reading, and you’ll discover why we are the qualified partner you need for your next EPC project. You’ll see that our success in the energy and industrial markets is the reason we are known for providing superior EPC solutions. We believe that this success inspires confidence in our customers. Whether your needs involve terminal construction or low- temperature tank and terminal construction, you’ll see we exceed expectations when you work with us.

Your Benefits as a Partner of an EPC Company for Terminal Construction
Since the beginning, our high standards and commitment to quality have distinguished us as one of the best EPC companies for aboveground storage and specialty vessels, and have earned us a reputation for excellence that now provides concept-to-completion expertise in terminal construction. As a result, clients continue to choose to work with us because of the many benefits you enjoy as a partner.

They choose us because our fully integrated design-build team provides real-time input into design and development to ensure affordable, constructible design solutions. They choose us because we can streamline the preparation for construction by integrating the design packaging and submittals with the construction sequence. And they choose us because we offer risk mitigation and cost savings by including all project phases under one contract directed by our single project management team.

That’s just the start of the benefits you’ll enjoy. We also offer a well-defined project schedule through experienced EPC professionals to ensure seamless project execution. In addition, our focus on safety, service and quality means you’ll avoid disruptions to operations.

We are an Adaptable, Collaborative Partner for EPC Contracts
Whether it’s EPC for NGL storage tanks, EPC for petroleum tanks or full terminal construction, we are a versatile provider who understands complex needs. Our

capabilities, experience and expertise allow us to design and construct your facility on a turnkey, EPC basis. Our facilities include storage (ASME BPVC Section VII Spheres, API Standard 620, API Standard 650, Low Temperature Cryogenic Tanks, refrigeration systems), product pumping, product heating, loading and unloading facilities, flares, fire protection, electric power distribution and instrumentation. Now, let’s take a closer look at areas of expertise and capabilities when it comes to our EPC work.

EPC for NGL Storage Tanks, LNG Terminals and Facilities
Nobody knows the engineering, procurement and construction of LNG terminals and specialized tanks the way we do. Over the years, we have been actively involved in the design and construction of several of the industry’s largest terminals. That means we are familiar with all components of these facilities including storage tanks, impoundment systems, ship loading and off-loading systems, boil-off compression and vaporization, foundations, piping, insulation, pumping and fire protection systems.

For bunkering terminals or peak shaving facilities, our capabilities allow us to provide liquefaction systems in combination with our select technology partners. These facilities include storage tanks that are among the world’s largest metal containers. Whether it’s single, double and full containment, we offer a wide range of LNG storage concepts because we are experts in their design and construction.

Furthermore, we have considerable experience in applying the requirements of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. In fact, our team has permitted, designed and constructed turnkey facilities in accordance with 49 CFR Part 193, which applies to the new LNG facilities subject to the Interstate Pipeline Act.

EPC Contractor Capabilities: Refrigerated Liquids Storage Tanks
With refrigerated liquid storage, you need an expert who understands the design and construction nuances of storage vessels. At Matrix Service, our capabilities allow ammonia, ethane, ethylene, propane, propylene, butane or butadiene to be stored under pressure in spheres or refrigerated low-pressure storage tanks.

EPC Contractor Area of Expertise: Liquefied Elements of Air Storage
When it comes to the liquefied elements of air storage, our tanks are specially engineered for the severe operating conditions associated with cryogenic temperatures. Our abilities also include insulation systems, tank piping, foundations, heaters and instrumentation. Years of experience and product development have yielded economic and proven LOX (liquid oxygen) and LIN (liquid nitrogen) tank designs. These provide the dual benefits of economic configurations and shorter schedules.

Superior Engineering Skills and Services for Terminal Construction
As a full-service EPC contractor, our engineering skills and services also include feasibility studies, front-end loading (FEL), front-end engineering design (FEED) studies, P&ID development, plot plan development, structural design and analysis, tank design and analysis, 3D modeling of facilities, piping design and analysis, electrical design, instruments and control systems, project cost estimates and commissioning and training.

Expansions, Retrofits and Upgrades: Other Services as a Top EPC Firm
While we are known for grassroots construction, we also have a proven track record in upgrading, expanding and retrofitting terminals and bulk storage tanks. With many of these projects, our team has performed duties while facilities remain fully operational.

With a clear understanding of these different areas of expertise, let’s turn to safety.

A Culture of Safety with Terminal Construction
To us, safety is more than a core value. It’s a way of life. We are all accountable when it comes to safety, and it is at the forefront of everything we do. That’s because we know that zero injuries are possible. It’s a journey that has no end: only success marked by every man-hour worked. Every day, we demonstrate our commitment to achieving an injury-free, incident-free safety record. And that’s a winning proposition for all of our stakeholders — our employees, our customers and our investors.

An Exciting Path Forward with a Qualified EPC Firm
Now you can see our terminal turnkey expertise is far-reaching. Whether it’s civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, tankage, manifold work, fire protection, or security, a partnership with us means confidence in the delivery of safety and quality, and meeting budget and deadline goals on the road ahead.