What You Really Need in an EPC Contractor

When it comes to large-scale construction for critical infrastructure, many opt for EPC contracts. That’s because an EPC contract gives clients a turnkey solution and freedom to execute large-scale project construction through a single source. Upon project completion, the customer needs only a key to get things started at their new facility. At Matrix Service, our success as a top EPC company in the oil and gas sector is the result of years of experience delivering exceptional tanks, terminals and pipeline solutions. Here are three ways we deliver when it comes to EPC contracts.

Quality: A Higher Standard
We design to a higher standard. Because to us, a focus on quality goes hand-in-hand with our intense focus on safety.

Consistently Sourcing to Specification
The receipt of improper materials can derail your project. That’s because an organization in need of EPC services expects not only quality when it comes to materials, they also expect for materials to be sourced and delivered to specification. When you partner with us, you will rest assured your materials are sourced properly and in a timely manner.

On-time Delivery and Execution
From start to finish, precision timing is essential in EPC work. At Matrix Service, we understand the importance of allocating due time to all tasks. In fact, we believe there’s a true art to planning. When you work with us for EPC contract work, you can rest assured knowing our meticulous attention to detail means on-schedule delivery.