Spotlight On: Fabrication Capabilities

The Power of American Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the backbone of this great nation. This nation’s history of manufacturing created a shining beacon of industry and progress. Our technological advancements would not be possible without the robust manufacturing industry which stands at the ready. 

Since 1984, Matrix has provided fabrication to energy and industrial sectors throughout North America. With our largest fabrication facility in Catoosa, Oklahoma,(with barge access to the Gulf of Mexico) and facilities strategically located throughout the continent, Matrix has the capability to respond to your fabrication needs wherever they may be. 

Another advantage of American manufacturing is our transportation infrastructure. Matrix’s alliance with freight handlers, trucking companies, railroads and barge companies allows Matrix to deliver right to your door with minimum wait.

The Matrix Difference: Customer Loyalty

Many of our customers hire us for a job and rehire us once they understand the level of service and capabilities Matrix provides. While much of our business comes from returning customers from successful projects, our team is ready to apply our expertise and provide fabrication services to clients across a plethora of markets.

Matrix Service’s domestic manufacturing stands at the ready for you. Matrix’s fabrication capabilities make the difference for projects both large and small. We strategically placed comprehensive manufacturing sites throughout North America to better serve our most important client: you.

Our clients require capable manufacturing for their industrial services. Whether it is vessels and tanks for storage or towers, or scrubbers and drums for operations, Matrix provides the professionalism and knowledge to get your job precisely handled, on time and in full compliance of all safety protocols.

We meet our customers’ needs. Whether they are in the petrochemical, refining, power, or heavy industrial industries, Matrix specializes in the jobs you need: structural steel, steel plate, you name it, we can do it. 

Let’s discuss how Matrix can make the difference in your next industrial fabrication job. 


Fabrication: Defined

Simply put, fabrication is taking raw materials and turning it into a finished part. This can be measured in grams or tons. At Matrix Service, we measure most of our jobs in tons.  Collectively, our facilities provide nearly 300,000 sq. ft. of space to handle all of your fabrication needs. Our team tackles steel plate, structural steel, and vessel fabrication projects.  

Many industrial facilities require quality fabrication services to provide pressure vessels, tanks, towers, scrubbers & drums for their operations. These components can be relatively large or small, but most have custom specifications that require precision and attention to detail.

Our facilities in Catoosa, Oklahoma, and Orange, California, work with heavy steel plate fabrication services. While our Bakersfield, California, Bellingham, Washington, and Catoosa, Oklahoma, facilities have pipe spooling and module fabrication capabilities.

This allocation of our fabrication resources allows Matrix to utilize our nation’s robust transportation infrastructure capacity to deliver your product right on time. 


How Matrix Meets the Needs of America

From concept and engineering up to fabrication, quality control and finishing, we work collaboratively with our customers to help them find ways to improve their existing plans, create efficiency, and get the best out of our products.

Throughout our locations, we perform up to all rigorous fabrication standards. Recently, Matrix Service was awarded a contract for the building and completion of a 20,000-ton tank for new anhydrous ammonia manufacturing plant in Nebraska

Anhydrous ammonia is the basis for this nation’s valuable fertilizer supply to keep our nation’s plates full of the food that powers it. Upon completion, this manufacturing plant will produce 100 tons of anhydrous ammonia per day. 

While crucial to our food supply, anhydrous ammonia is also dangerous to human exposure. It is imperative that the Matrix team performs this job, and others like it, flawlessly. Matrix holds ourselves to a higher standard of performance for all our clients who trust us with this nation’s crucial jobs.  We know American business success hinges upon the successful completion of projects to keep this nation running at an optimal level. Matrix Service excels at delivering on-time and at the cost to keep your business operating at a high level.


Safety and integrity are two values central to operations at Matrix. Our Catoosa facility is one of only two heavy metal fabrication facilities in the U.S. to achieve OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Star status. It is OSHA’s highest designation. This indicates qualifies success in management leadership and employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, and safety and health training. 

This achievement does not come overnight. It takes the determined effort of everyone at Matrix. It takes valuing the safety of all of our co-workers. It takes training and vigilance and adherence to best-practices. Most importantly, our successful safety protocols are reflected in our exemplary safety rating. 

Matrix Services knows our clients will not accept less. But our reasoning is not purely based upon economics, but a belief in a founding American principle, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” 



The promise of America was to create an accomplished civilization from the wilderness. Every person could come to America and build whatever they wanted. America’s only limitation was a lack of imagination. Matrix continues that promise today by placing some of the world’s most capable fabrication centers at your fingertips. 

Matrix fabrication handles tanks and terminals. Matrix meets the challenges of turnarounds and repairs. Matrix Service has long been trusted for meeting the demands of the American promise. 

In our largest facility, which covers 35 acres, our fabrication capabilities are state-of-the-art and full service: Bay doors that measure, 500’ X 100’ wide, four burning machines, 10 turning rolls, 18 cranes, and everything else your job will need.
Find our full list of capabilities for our Catoosa plant here



Matrix Service meets your fabrication needs from beginning to end. We pride ourselves in meeting your project expectations. Matrix Services also has the capacity to handle the unforeseen too.
Matrix meets the demands of the great American experiment every day by providing unsurpassed fabrication capabilities. Matrix Services makes this nation stronger by providing solutions that enable progress.
Whether you are in the petro-chemical industry, engineering, tank, and terminal construction, chemical or industrial industries or any sector requiring fabrication, ask Matrix Services how we can make your business excel in this great and noble American cause.