Working More Efficiently With EPC

Capital investments can generate new revenue streams, provide growth opportunities and create a competitive advantage for organizations across a wide range of industries. The benefits to capital projects may be numerous, but these investments typically come with a hefty price tag. When so much is at stake, it’s important that at the end of your project you are left with an asset that will perform as promised.

Capital projects that aim to build industrial facilities or large-scale equipment can be especially complex. Building processing facilities, tank terminals or marine structures requires specialized skills and project management strategies. 

A Single-Source Provider Creates Efficiency 

Choosing to work with one engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor helps run your capital project efficiently. Multiple contractors often create headaches and inefficiencies. Different contractors can have competing schedules that can create delays as you wait for people or equipment on other projects to become available. When you engage an EPC contractor, like Matrix, everyone is focused on the same goal. Managers can prioritize resources appropriately to keep your project on schedule and make changes quickly if needed.

Some firms attempt to manage large capital projects internally. However, most owners and operators are pulled in multiple directions as they manage business operations, while an EPC contractor’s sole focus is to complete your project on time and on budget. 

Consequently, many organizations elect to use an external team to execute their capital projects and programs. 


Industry Expertise Creates Efficiency 

EPC contractors bring industry expertise to your project. Their experience adds value as they navigate regulatory issues, feasibility studies and procurement efforts. Through proactive project management, an EPC contractor can avoid time-consuming delays and expensive surprises. 

Building storage tanks or modifying an existing facility requires special knowledge and insight. A contractor with years of experience saves time and money because they have access to the best subcontractors and can assemble the strongest team for the project. 

Proven Processes Produce Quality Results

Finally, an EPC contractor can help build a quality asset that will perform as promised throughout its lifespan. The old adage is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is especially true in the execution of capital projects. Adequate planning and top-notch engineering, estimating and procurement efforts will pay dividends in the overall outcome of your project. When the right people are supported by proven processes, you can expect a higher standard of work.

EPC Services from Matrix

Whether you’re looking for construction-led engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction management from Matrix Service, or engineering-led management from our sister subsidiary, Matrix PDM Engineering, find out why so many of North America’s most respected companies partner with Matrix to efficiently execute their critical infrastructure projects.

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